Ultimate Facebook Strategies for Local Business


Facebook has an unprecedented ability to target specific audiences and users. There targeting can become so granular that a marketing pro practiced Facebook Ad targeting on his roommate, and it was so effective his roommate become paranoid

Life Events Targeting

If your business depends on a specific event taking place in someone’s life, then Facebook is the perfect place to be. It has a function to target people going through certain events. Wedding photographers can have an ad pop up on newly engaged couples feed, or a moving service when signing a new lease on an apartment or buying a house, or physical therapy for people recovering from a surgery…

I can go on, but the point is if your business revolves around a major life event, you can leverage that in your advertising on Facebook. 

Using Custom Audiences to Foster Loyalty 

Custom audiences are a feature on Facebook that allows you to include or exclude your current contacts. This opens up a wealth of possibilities for increasing the lifetime value of a customer, get more orders, foster loyalty, ask for reviews, get audience participation in something, the list goes on and on! 

Launching a first-time use offer? Then exclude your current contacts from the deal. Make sure only the correct group sees such a specific offer. 

It also gets more atomized than that too. You can target your customers in a specific field of work, who make x amount of money per year, live in a specific geographic area, likes strawberry smoothies, buys x brand of electronic gadget, the list goes on and on. 

You can even target people who have visited your website, provided you can pixelate them. They may have browsed around, but did not convert into a customer. Using the Custom Audience can be just the trick to closing that gap and turning that person into a customer. 

Figure out the demographic that best suits your product or business, and filter towards that with your advertising. 

Lookalike Audience Expansion

This is where the power of Facebook ads comes into its own. So you’ve figured out your ideal demographic for your product or service, and you have exhausted your contact list. 

Not to worry! You can target Lookalike Audiences! And if you started without a list, this allows you to target certain personalities and demographics still. Expand the reach of your ads while still being highly targeted. 

Facebook will target the top 1% with similar traits to those you already picked in your country, or you can become broader and go for the 10% who are most like the initially targeted audience. 

Granular Targeting Options

You can use all the above tools to get more and more specific to your target audience; with enough parameters, you can be so specific to target one individual! (like the roommate in the opening sentence of this article!) 

Maybe you’re a tuning company for cars. You can set Facebook up to show an ad for your tuning shop to persons who have purchased a new car. 

A wine tasting room can advertise to people who recently visited a winery in their local area. 

A fitness company can sell gloves and mitts to people interested in martial arts. The list goes on. 

The key to having success is to make sure you understand who is the best target for your products and services. Once you know the ideal demographic for your business, you can capitalize on that by targeting that cohort with value providing ads on Facebook. If you can get that cohort to also engage with your content, that will provide a massive boost in your social proof! 

Another proven way to help yourself on Facebook is to create a video. Video provides one of the best sources of content for your business due to how easily a video can be chopped up into multiple pieces of content. We talk about that below in our eBook, download it today! 

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