Instagram: Is it right for your business?


Instagram can be a fantastic conduit if your product is very visually based. If you’re looking to expand your business in this particular social media platform, begin by first asking yourself these questions:


  1. The Most Important Question: Is It Worth it for Your Business?

Like I said before Instagram is great for a visual product or business. A gas station, grocery store, software as a service, these types of companies don’t really work very over Instagram. There just isn’t a lot of visual content to play with. (Or so I say, I’m sure if you’re creative enough you can make anything work…)

That said, if you do have a product or service that DOES work well within the visual medium, then take advantage of it! Hair salons, restaurants/food service, dentists, any business that can create a visual experience or product should be taking pictures and showing the experience over Instagram. 

Can you capture your “it” factor through visual should be your driving question…and if you can, leveraging Instagram will yield positive results! 


  1. Post Consistently

Instagram results will only come from consistent posting. It’s like going to the gym; you have to do it if you want results. Post at least 5 times a week, and the more, the better. This study by Tailwind recommends everyday posting to maximize results. 

So get posting! 


  1. Balance Value vs. Selling

Being overly salesy is a great way to isolate your audience and have them unfollow. While yes, you can use Instagram to help sell product, if you do JUST that it’s very annoying for your audience. 

Have other types of content. Educate, entertain, and provide some sort of value. It could be an interesting fact related to your industry, or a cool event taking place, whatever you can come up with that will engage your audience. Those quizzes that ask what kind of Disney princess/animal/special potato are very popular among every audience. (Provided the content is catered correctly) Use things like that to get your audience to “swipe up” on your content. 

Also, keep the genre consistent. Whatever earned you those follows is most likely going to be what sustains it. Not to say that you should limit your creativity, but try to keep topics catered towards your audience. 


  1. Share User-Generated Content

The best way to rapidly build up trust with customers is social proof and the best way to get social proof is by showing happy customers using your product. 

When someone else is vouching for your product, that creates a TON of trust and goodwill. 

Puravida encourages people to post a picture with their wristbands on. Its been a huge success for them, because it allows them to easily find and repost those pictures to their master account, further showcasing their social proof. 

Make your content easy to post and share on social media, and take it even a step further and incentivize your audience through giveaways and prizes. 


  1. Partner with Influencers

The coolest thing you can do is have your product get repped by an “influencer.” You know, those accounts with TONS of followers that love everything about the poster? Its another avenue of building social proof rapidly, making it a potent tactic. 

Two ways to go about swaying influencers. 

  1. Send them free swag.
  2. Pay the money to rep your product. Do this only after you try the first offer. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, so be prepared to open the wallet. 

Aim to work with influencers that would “work” with your brand’s ethos. You want your product personality to match the influencers. Otherwise, you won’t get much bang for your buck. 

Follower count is important, but the audience match is THE most important. Make sure you’re a good fit. That said, Instagram influencers vary in price. <50,000 you can expect to pay around $100. As we approach >100,000 that prices jumps up to $1000, while >1,000,000 can get into $10,000+. 

It looks daunting, so don’t make this the spearhead of your strategy. Start with your basics of posting consistently, and don’t be afraid to be creative. Keep the content engaging with your audience, so they will want to check out your feed and see what else you might have come up with. Remember that this is an excellent way to help build your social proof! 

A good conduit to get started with implementing an Instagram strategy is to start with a video. We have an ebook that shows you how to transform 1 video into several pieces of content. It’s right below!


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