Best Marketing Practices the Top 10% Use


Creative marketing is gas for the sales team. 

Yet 1 in 10 marketers says they’re highly efficient at their jobs. 

Why are 9 out of 10 marketers bad at their jobs?

Well, marketing has rapidly changed over the years. What worked 10 years ago doesn’t work as effectively today. Video has become increasingly popular, for example. Is it apart of your content strategy?

Here are the 4 common mistakes seen in lead generation marketing.

1) Bad content strategy

2) Lack of infographics/visual appeal

3) Poorly written calls-to-actions and landing pages

4) Bad follow-through (bad management of key preformance indicators, or lack of having KPIS) 

…and here are the questions you need to ask yourself to avoid making the same mistakes!

Content Strategy

What does your ideal lead look like? Who is your ideal audience? What is their income? Your messaging needs to take questions like these into consideration. 

The best way to frame this conceptually is to picture the day to day life of what your ideal customer looks like. 

Think about what their persona is – what makes them tick? What kind of sports might they be into? Do they even follow sports? Where might they go out to eat? What kind of media do they consume? What are their politics? 

This person needs to have a message that takes all of these questions into consideration. How does the product fit into the lives of your customers? 

These are questions to get your mind going, but the idea behind this is to really understand what your ideal lead is going to look like. What is that human behind the screen thinking about when they see your message? And how will they react to it? Everything about their psychology is going to motivate or demotivate that key decision of whether or not to click on your CTA, which must be as frictionless and easy as possible. This leads me to my next point:

How can you use your meta knowledge to attract and convert your audience?

First impressions matter a lot. The easiest way to communicate with your leads is by using visual data. Think info-graphic-like. Instagram is useful for this strategy too. 

Visuals and images allow you to curate and present information with iconography that will appeal to your target audience. 

A company that specializes in medical diagnostic software might make an info-graphic that has caricatures of doctors and nurses and maybe using a stethoscope as a pie chart to display some key industry pain points. Or have bar graphs, line graphics, and such, displaying industry data in an easy to grasp way. 

We are human, we have eyes, and eyes can take in more information at once than reading. 

Jose Cabal, CEO at Expresa 3, makes a point of “The less words you type and the more visual you get, the more engagement you will achieve.” 

Look at your targeted audience’s pain points, and make your graphics and visual elements of your content soothe them. Nuzzle and cuddle those audiences, and they can flourish and become strong leads for your sales team. 

Okay, so what kind of content should I make to attract?

First things first, do your due diligence on your industry. Create content that represents the research you have done on your customers. Remember to take their problems, their pain points, and their psychology all into consideration. 

Create useful articles about the industry at large. Talk about different segments of the supply chain, retweet news about the industry, create a video on how your product solves your customer’s pain point.

A great tool to really drill down what your company does is doing a business canvas. Here is a great place to do that. 

…and once made, you can easily recycle content very easily once you have the copy made

Here are content types, and how effective they are in conversion rates. Industry reports and video content produces some of the highest conversion rates, followed closely by social media content and webinars. 

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