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About Us

About Traffic Labs

We help businesses connect with their customers and create lasting relationships

Traffic Labs

Traffic Labs is at the crossroads where technology, brand design, storytelling, and social trends all meet.

We believe that content marketing should not be complicated or expensive. The same strategies/resources available to the Fortune 500 are now available to you through the use of technology.

Jacob Moynihan

Jacob Moynihan, Traffic Labs CEO Co-Founder, is a sales and marketing professional who works with small and medium-sized businesses to create memorable experiences that result in sales and loyalty from their target audience. After spending 2 decades in sales and marketing generating over $2 billion in lifetime sales and running his startup, Jacob knows what truly drives conversions, increases loyalty, and lands your business placements in top publications like Forbes and Wall Street Journal.
“It’s how well you can tell your story while always keeping the person you are trying to connect with as the hero in the journey.” Jacob has landed coverage in print and broadcast outlets around the world, including Forbes, INC Magazine, and has been a keynote speaker on the topics of technology and entrepreneurship.
His previous company merchant23.com has caught the attention of Gary Vaynerchuck and other industry leaders.
In his spare time, Jacob offers entrepreneurial resources and mentorship to people recently released from prison.
Jacob holds marketing and sales certifications from Hubspot, Google, Facebook, and Salesforce.

Damien Sandoval

Damien Sandoval, Traffic Labs Creative Director, and Co-Founder,
is a Hollywood producer and director who works with celebrities and brands to create world-class content.
After spending over a decade working with the largest brands and stars in the world, Damien knows what truly catches the attention of an audience and keeps it, and it’s not oversized budgets with gimmicks. It’s holding a finger on the pulse of culture and listening to the voice of your audience.
“After all, the audience is the most important participant; without them, we won’t exist.”
Damien has completed projects for Adidas, Puma, Tesla, Vogue and is sought after by the hottest celebrities in the world.
His content has generated over 1 billion non-paid organic views on Youtube, and he has been featured on CBS, CNBC, CNN, Netflix, and Amazon. Also, Damien is a mentor and teaches director and photography skills to the next generation of youths.

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